trade abate, vitreous futures interval concussion


January 7, the main glass contract 1905 after the opening range shock, opening 1316 yuan/ton, closing 1316 yuan/ton, up 0%. The positions held were 178,000 lots, 10,000 less than the previous trading day, and the trading volume was 114,000 lots, 60,000 less than the previous trading day.

Spot: January 7 float glass: 5mm main factory warehouse market price (according to the price of the disk) : shahe safety quote 1490 yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday, week by week up 10 yuan/ton; Wuhan changli offer 1513 yuan/ton, and yesterday's flat, flat week on week; Shandong jurun offer 1577 yuan/ton, flat with yesterday, flat on a weekly basis; Jingzhou yijun offer 1488 yuan/ton, flat yesterday, flat week.

Industry news: production enterprises in central China and other regions held the first market coordination meeting in 2019 today. The conference is expected to focus on stabilizing market prices and increasing market confidence.

Production capacity: this week, a 1000 ton production line in yuanhua, shahe district was suspended.

Soda: January 7 heavy soda north China mainstream price 2370 yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday, week on week up 70 yuan/ton; East China mainstream price 2150 yuan/ton, with yesterday flat, down 100 yuan/ton week; South China mainstream price 2500 yuan/ton, with yesterday flat, flat weeks; Central China mainstream price 2230 yuan/ton, flat with yesterday, flat week.

Output: capacity utilization rate is 69.59%; Last week's month-on-month rise was -0.49%, while year-over-year decline was 0.48%. In the production capacity of 922.5 million heavy cases, month-on-month reduction of 3.6 million heavy cases last week, year-on-year increase of 15.06 million heavy cases.

Inventory: 31.95 million heavy cases were stored in the industry this week, 430,000 more than last week, and 1.02 million more than last year. Weekend inventory days were 12.64 days, up 0.25 days from the previous week and 0.20 days from the previous year.

Macro: China's foreign exchange reserves in December 2018 reached us $3072.712 billion, up by us $11.015 billion month-on-month, which is the second consecutive monthly increase, and is expected to reach us $3070 billion, up from us $3061.697 billion previously. China's foreign exchange reserves were $3072.712 billion at the end of 2018, down $67.237 billion from the end of 2017.

From the data of real estate of downstream glass industry, it can be seen that the growth of real estate market in November is stable, and all indexes are growing steadily. In addition to the fact that the area of real estate completed still presents negative growth year on year, the growth rate is expanded, and the transmission from new construction to completion is blocked. At present is in the glass industry production low season, the northern region orders have been gradually reduced, manufacturers out of the warehouse will weaken. Last week held in central China industry coordination meeting, price intention is still strong. On the supply side, glass sector inventories edged up. 1905 glass contract is expected to continue to fluctuate after the market trend. On the basis of the recent spot price stability, period is relatively stable basis. The market for the late glass price expectations are still weak. Pay attention to the specific implementation of environmental protection production limits. For reference only.