The 31st International Exhibition of glass technology industry concluded successfully


The 31st international glass industry technology exhibition came to a successful conclusion.

The 2021 China glass exhibition, a grand event of the glass industry, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 6 to 9. Fenghe glass technology made every effort to organize the exhibition, highlight the characteristics and warmly receive every visitor.

Fenghe technology not only displays a series of products, such as oxidation-resistant toughened mirror,oneway perspective mirror, colorful glass and mirror display glass, but also attracts special attention in the display of project cases, especially the colorful glass projects of Louis Vuitton LV in Ginza center building in Tokyo, Japan, and Golden Eagle World Hotel in Nanjing, which attract an endless stream of customers to stop and consult. Some customers even say that it will affect the design concept of domestic and foreign designers and the upgrading of glass processing equipment. The regional sales managers explained the coating product series and related parameters of Fenghe in detail, and answered the customers' questions in detail. In these four busy days, I met with nearly 200 new and old friends, talked about the development trend of the industry, and met nearly 100 customers who have purchase demand for the company's products and are willing to cooperate with Fenghe technology for development. In particular, Guangxi Nanning customers sign regional agency agreements at the exhibition site. Fenghe glass technology has achieved the expected goal of publicizing products, enhancing the company's corporate image, meeting new customers and consolidating old friendship, which has laid a solid foundation for the future vigorous development.

Layout of Fenghe Glass Technology Exhibition





Leaders of Shahe City visit the exhibition site for inspection and guidance


Sign agency agreement


The exhibition is full of visitors